Ann Arbor Cooks : About the Project

The Ann Arbor District Library, the Washtenaw County Historical Society, the Culinary Historians of Ann Arbor and Ann Arbor Hadassah have entered into a partnership to create Ann Arbor Cooks, an online collection of digitized cookbooks published by Ann Arbor churches and organizations.

The Washtenaw County Historical Society provided the core collection of cookbooks from their archives at the Museum on Main Street. The Society will play a continuing role in enhancing the online collection with more items from the archives as well as digitized images from their extensive collection of cooking arts utensils.

Ann Arbor Cooks also presents a complete set of digital copies of the renowned newsletter, Repast, a publication of the Culinary Historians of Ann Arbor. The CHAA, founded in 1983, conducts scholarly research in culinary history as well as providing an opportunity for meeting members, guests, speakers, and other contributors. Jan and Dan Longone as well as Repast Editor Randy Schwartz provided exceptional support and guidance on all aspects of this project.

Ann Arbor Hadassah contributed two beautifully illustrated and annotated cookbooks to the digital collection and will present programs at the Library that highlight the history of Jewish cooking and community in Ann Arbor.

The website highlights local growers, local food clubs and classes and special events for everyday cooks, aspiring chefs and food lovers.


I love going to museums.

This is an interesting find while perusing the AADL website,

Is this a real group or just a part of the site? If it's a real group, I'd love to join. I love to cook!!!

Could you include links to what was an ongoing feature in the A2 News, featuring local women and recipes they did for their families? I think it ran for several decades, but it at least was a feature in the sixties. I know my own mom appeared in it once (with me as a newborn in a cradle on the table next to the various dishes) and several friends' moms did as well. There was a photo or two of the "homemaker" in her home, usually with a few of her children, and often with some biographical or cultural connection to the particular cuisine. Noted poet and editor Deborah (Gottlieb) Garrison appeared as a small girl in one, with her mother demonstrating "exotic" Passover standards.