Originally Published:
1899 Ann Arbor Cookbook, 1899
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Contributed by: Miss E. C. Allmendinger

Boil or steam 7 or 8 large quinces, remove the skins, rub the pulp through a sieve; take 1 1/2 lbs. of pulp. Beat to a froth the whites of 4 large eggs. Add the juice and grated peel of 1. . lemon, then stir in the quince pulp and 2 1/8 lbs. pulverized sugar until the mass is white and stiff. Test by dropping small teaspoonful on white paper which has been powdered with sugar. If it stays in shape and does not settle at all, they are right; if too soft stir longer and test again. Drop on white paper sifted with pulverized sugar, set away in a warm room to dry. If the weather is fair they will dry in 4 or 5 days; if rainy it will take longer.

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