A little sweetness (or a lot)

If you plan to stay home for Valentine's day and want to bake a decadent chocolate dessert for your sweetheart, look no further. The Library has special cookbooks filled with luscious chocolate dessert recipes. And check out our new Ann Arbor Cooks database which includes a Victorian chocolate torte and other tried and true recipies from local cooks.


This blog should definitely get promoted to the front page. Victorian Chocolate Torte sounds amazing right now.

Yummy delight!!!


I can't wait to try the recipes! They all sound so good!

We checked out a cookbook from the Malletts Creek branch and tried a brand new "Chicken Dumplings" recipe. It was awesome. The whole family helped make it and it was so delicious there were no leftovers. Thanks for all the great cookbooks available to us here and at the libraries.