Stenciled Watercolors

Saturday September 30, 2017: 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm -- Malletts Creek Branch: Program Room

This event is intended for grade 6 - adult

No art skills? No problem! We'll show you how to make a frame-worthy piece.

Drawing for Adults

Sunday October 1, 2017: 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm -- Downtown Library: 4th Floor Meeting Room

This event is intended for grade 9 - adult

Come draw with us! We'll provide everything you need to practice your drawing skills.

In this session you'll explore patterns using Micron pens and drawing pencils.

Every week we’ll cover a different topic. You’ll learn different techniques to tackle texture, chiaroscuro, and perspective, plus improve your sense of composition, lighting, and form. You'll get the chance to try out different mediums like pencil, charcoal, and pastel. All skill levels are welcome to participate.

Emerging Writers Workshop: Writing and Publishing Children’s Nonfiction

Monday October 2, 2017: 7:00 pm to 8:45 pm -- Westgate Branch: West Side Room

This event is intended for grade 6 - adult

There’s a world of children’s books beyond picture books and easy stories. Kids also read nonfiction on every topic you can think of. In this workshop, Bethany Neal and Alex Kourvo will be joined by author Dr. Virginia Loh-Hagan, who has published numerous children’s books on everything from extreme mountain biking to how to start a dog-walking business. Virginia will share tips and tricks for writing the things kids want to know.

Dr. Virginia Loh-Hagan lives and works in San Diego, CA where she directs the Liberal Studies program at San Diego State University. She writes for the Ann Arbor-based children's non-fiction company Cherry Lake Publishing. The library also has a unique deal with Cherry Lake and our library card holders have access to digital PDF copies of their books.

This is part of the monthly Emerging Writers Workshops, which offer support, learning, and advice for local authors. Each month, two weeks after the workshop, there is a meet-up where the instructors will read samples of your work and offer advice and assistance in a casual, supportive atmosphere.

Do you have a completed manuscript? Consider submitting it to the Library's imprint, Fifth Avenue Press:

Fiber Arts Lab: Crochet

Monday October 2, 2017: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm -- Downtown Library: Secret Lab

This event is intended for grade 6 - adult

Join us every other Monday for an evening of knitting and crochet. We will provide everything you need to get started. Stop in and learn the basics.

You can bring a project you've been working on, or just stop by to practice your stitches. We welcome all skill levels. No prior knowledge is necessary.

This week we will focus on crochet.

Refugee Resettlement 101

Monday October 2, 2017: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm -- Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room

Join us for an evening discussion, presented by Jewish Family Services of Washtenaw County, to learn more about the refugee vetting process and resettlement programs. This event will also cover JFS’s work in resettling refugees and is held in conjunction with their October exhibit at the Library, “Resettlement through the Eyes of Refugees,” a PhotoVoice exhibit.

You will also have an opportunity to view this exhibit which was created by refugees, highlighting the journey refugees face while acclimating to life in Washtenaw County.

Yung Shing Le Shadow Puppet Theatre Troupe Of Taiwan

Monday October 2, 2017: 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm -- Downtown Library: 1st Floor Lobby

This event is intended for all ages

Yung Shing Le invites you to experience Taiwanese shadow puppetry with performances of three different shadow plays: The Sandbag Trilogy, The Mountain of Flames (an excerpt from the Journey to the West) and The Proud Return. The plays will feature authentic narration in Taiwanese with live music.

With an emphasis on preserving the traditional art form, this century-old family theater has handed down traditional practices and stories through five generations, while also infusing modern techniques and original stories to keep this art form relevant to modern audiences.

This rare opportunity is made possible through a partnership with the Michigan Taiwanese American Organization, as well as the Taipei Culture Center in New York, the Detroit Institute of Arts/Friends of Asian Arts and Culture, the Ann Arbor District Library, and the U-M Stearns Collection of Musical Instruments.

Tummy Times

Tuesday October 3, 2017: 10:00 am to 11:00 am -- Westgate Branch: West Side Room

This event is intended for parents and babies up to 6 months

Are you a new or expecting parent? Do you want to get out of the house and meet other parents sharing the same new baby experiences?

Come meet other new parents and share your experiences while your baby has fun!

Bright Nights Community Forum: Borderline Personality Disorder, Debunking Myths, and Improving Hope

Tuesday October 3, 2017: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm -- Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room

This event will be recorded

Borderline Personality Disorder is a serious mental illness, but one that is sometimes not well understood by patients and families, clinicians, and society as a whole. It is perhaps the most stigmatized disorder in all of medicine, which creates confusion, poor outcomes, and a sense of hopelessness for everyone involved.

Borderline Personality Disorder affects an estimated 18 million Americans during their lifetimes, and causes numerous stressful symptoms, including unstable mood, suicidal and self-harm thoughts and behaviors, and chaotic relationships. While the disorder causes great distress, treatment varies widely and research is lacking.

To learn more about Borderline Personality Disorder, the University of Michigan Depression Center and the Ann Arbor District Library will present this Bright Nights community forum. Victor Hong, MD, Clinical Instructor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Michigan will give a brief presentation on Borderline Personality Disorder and its management, followed by a panel discussion.

Recent research indicates that the prognosis for those with Borderline Personality Disorder is much better than previously thought, and existing and emerging treatments have demonstrated significant efficacy. The role of medications in those treatments has been further elucidated, the role of families has been made clear, and a better understanding of how to manage safety concerns has developed

This event is a partnership with the University of Michigan Depression Center. For more information about the Depression Center, visit or contact Stephanie Salazar, 232-0330, or

Alzheimer's Association: Dementia Conversations

Tuesday October 3, 2017: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm -- Westgate Branch: West Side Room

Katie Peil, LLMSW and Program Coordinator for Alzheimer's Association, Michigan Great Lakes Chapter, will discuss healthy living tips based on the latest research.

Conversations about Dementia is a program designed to help you talk with your family about some challenging and often uncomfortable topics around Alzheimer’s and dementia: going to the doctor to get a diagnosis or medical care, deciding when it is necessary to stop driving, and making plans for managing finances and legal documents to be sure the person’s wishes are carried out and the costs of future care are covered.

This event is a partnership with the Alzheimer's Association, Michigan Great Lakes Chapter.

Pamirs on a Folding Bike

Wednesday October 4, 2017: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm -- Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room

Stefan Koehler presents a look at his most recent bicycle trip following the Silk Road in Asia. He will share photos and stories about his trip, and also talk about the Silk Road and traveling in Asia.

Thinking of a bike trip? Stefan will share information about how to do a bicycle tour: what to bring, how to plan a route, where to stay, etc.

Stefan Koehler moved to Ann Arbor this May for a position with the Office of Technology Transfer with the University of Michigan, where he works with U-M faculty to protect and commercialize biomedical technologies.

Stefan grew up in Germany and moved to the US 16 years ago. He is a molecular biologist by training (University of Munich) and also holds an MBA (University of Wisconsin, Madison). Prior to his current position he taught entrepreneurship at the University of Wisconsin - Madison School of Business. Before, he led licensing and business development at a biotechnology company that was successfully sold.