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Jubilee Cook Book, 1887
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Contributed by: F. A. LYMAN

The following is all I know about cooking squirrels. First catch your squirrel. Skin him, etc. Parboil in a little water in a kettle, add salt, pepper, and enough butter to fry it brown. Then eat. If the animal is tough parboil a little more till he is tender.

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Catching, Cleaning, Preparing, and Eating Squirrel

The whole secret to catching a squirrel is to shoot him. In the head. This is fairly straightforward and legal to do at designated MI recreational areas. And believe it or not, it helps the squirrel ecology, just as with other game varieties. Years ago, in Virginia, when there was a moratorium on deer hunting for a few years, I personally witnessed deer starving to death as huge herds of them denuded sections of the Appalachian forest.

Hunting squirrels is predation. I recommend an accurate, low-cost 22lr rifle. If you have never actually seen where your grocery meats come from, and how they become "meat," you may indeed not enjoy this activity. I find that I do. And if you do not enjoy hunting them, you will truly not be able to tolerate skinning and cleaning them. But again, many prefer not to see, much less experience, "where meat comes from."

The whole secret to cooking and eating squirrel is overnight marination, and a $42 pressure cooker. Squirrel meat, properly marinated and pressure-cooked, is tender and delicious.

And there you go. The radical opinions of an old, left-wing, redneck eccentric.


Besides my initial shock, I have to wonder what parboil means


I think I'll just stick with feeding them peanuts. And I'm not looking forward to my kids' reaction when they find this code!

Wrong Code?

This code doesn't work. What's the real one? And poor squirrel.

need the !

definitely need the exclamation point at the end - my initial copy/paste missed it.

Silly me: I saw the "game" category at the top and thought it meant summer game. Nope, it means game animals. Oh right - this is a cookbook...


Did you enter the ! mark at the end?

Holy smokes

It sounds so simple, "catch your squirrel..."


Aw, poor squirrel.


This is so disgusting! :(




I can't imagine eating one

actually, squirrel is

actually, squirrel is delicious!

Quite Interesting

Squirrel seems like an interesting meat, but I think I'll stick with something else.


sounds disgusting, why would anyone eat squirrel?

Yum! Sounds, well, sounds

Yum! Sounds, well, sounds disgusting, but then...

This is the finest gem of

This is the finest gem of the entire collection! I found that catching my squirrel was the hardest part. Does the recipe work on female squirrels too?