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Everyday Cookbook, Unknown
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Three and one half pounds of sugar to one and one half pints of water; dissolve in the water before putting with the sugar one quarter of an ounce of fine white gum arabic, and when added to the sugar put in one teaspoon of cream of tartar. The candy should not be boiled quite to the brittle stage. The proper degree can be ascertained if, when a small skimmer is put in and taken out, when blowing through the holes of the skimmer, the melted sugar is forced through in feathery filaments; remove from the fire at this point and rub the syrup against the sides of the dish with an iron spoon. If it is to be a chocolate candy, add two ounces of chocolate finely sifted and such flavoring as you prefer, vanilla, rose, or orange. If you wish to make coconut candy, add this while soft and stir until cold.