Cat Care 101 With Miranda Bono Of The Cat’s Meow Cat Cafe

Saturday August 29, 2015: 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm -- Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room

This event will be recorded

Have you thought about getting a cat but just don't know where to start? Should you adopt, or buy from a breeder? Opt for a young kitten, or adult? How do you introduce a new feline friend to your family and current pets? Or do you just love cats and want to know more?

Miranda Bono, future owner of the Cat's Meow Cat Cafe (set to open in Ann Arbor in 2016), will tell you all you need to know along with rescue team members of Happy Hearts Feline Rescue based out of Manchester. There will be plenty of time to answer your questions.

Also on display with be "cat furniture" and other "catified" structures from Catastrophic Creations.

Join us for this informational session about what it takes to be a "cat guardian."

Breaking News: Locavore is the Word


The New Oxford American Dictionary 2007 word of the year is Locavore, meaning someone who eats locally grown food. We’re sure this year’s choice was based on the success of Slow Food Huron Valley and the Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market in bringing local food to local folks in Washtenaw County. There are plenty of local food links, heirloom recipes and more at Ann Arbor Cooks, your one-stop locavore site.

Longone's Lost Cookbook Author


Ann Arbor's own Jan Longone, curator of the Longone Culinary Archive at the William L. Clements Library makes an appearance today in the New York Times with A 19th Century Gost Awakens to Redefine Soul, about Jan's quest to uncover more information about Malinda Russell, author of "the earliest cookbook by an African-American woman that had ever come to light." The Ann Arbor District Library is one of the lucky recipients of a limited-edition facsimile of the only known copy of Mrs. Russell’s cookbook from the Longone Center. The Ann Arbor Cooks website provides digital access to a growing collection of heirloom local cookbooks.

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